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About Us

About Us

Sparnod General Trading LLC. founded in Dubai in 2019, we are the first one-stop-shop for Fitness, Sports equipment, and Accessories online in UAE with Sparnod Fitness brand and 1000+ products. after the inception, today, we boast ourselves as the leading distributors of top quality, premium fitness equipment.

Sparnod Fitness Store has transformed the concept of fitness into a lifestyle in Dubai. We mainly cater to the fitness needs of a range of the wellness-oriented group. Persons who require to be fit by their career, for instance, professional boxers, athletes, trainers, health-conscious celebrities, housewives, working women, students and corporate professionals who perform desk-bound jobs, in particular, are being served by our Fitness and Equipment Store.

Spiritual Mission Statement

1. Make people mentally fit by spreading Fitness awareness, motivating them to lead a healthier life through exercise
2. Giving detailed insights into the benefits of exercise, making individuals motivated to make fitness part of routine life.
3. Reduce medical cost and pain in people’s life by promoting fitness.
4. Convey effectively the idea of how a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind and a peaceful life.

What do we offer?

We offer Fitness and Sports Equipments brand of Sparnod Fitness.
By providing the best brand in Fitness, Sports, and Accessories online, we help people transform their lifestyle mystically by assisting them in finding the best personal gym equipment tailor-made to their needs. We ensure that our customers, no matter under which category they belong to, get the best of our services matching to their satisfaction on all product brands we offer.

Why Sparnod Fitness Store?

All through the years, we emerged as a leading Fitness and Sports equipment provider in UAE, US, India, etc. For commercial Gym facility, we offer planning, design, induction, training, preventive maintenance, and technical training. Free delivery and installation over 100 AED across UAE is another highlight. Plus, our products have an on-site warranty and some features back to base/return-on-base warranty as well.

So, what are you waiting for?

Turn off the desk-bound lifestyle and switch to hedonic lifestyle in Dubai! Make the choice and always keep fit! You are only a click away from enjoying the state of extreme fitness. Select the right equipment from us and tread the wellness path! Join us.

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